Is It Legal to Copycat Restaurant Recipes?

There’s a proliferation of books, both printed and electronic (downloadable from the Web), that purport to tell you how to copy your favorite dishes from your favorite restaurants. Some of these are better than others, but they all raise the question: Is it legal to “copycat” recipes in this way?

These days, with the music industry going after people who use file-sharing services to illegally post songs for others to copy, and with prominent anti-copying warnings from the FBI stuck on every movie DVD we rent or purchase, it’s a natural question. People wonder if they are breaking some law by cloning a restaurant’s most famous recipe–whether it’s by passing around the instructions or by actually cooking and serving it to friends.

Mind you, I’m no lawyer. But I’ve talked to a couple of lawyer friends as well as to a number of restaurant managers. The bottom line is this: If you cook up your favorite steak or lobster dish (or whatever) copied from Big Name Restaurant–even if it’s an exact duplicate–you need not worry that a SWAT team is going to break down your door and haul you away. Nor will an army of lawyers be descending on your kitchen.

Now, if you decide to open your own restaurant with dishes copied from well-known chain restaurants, and if you are so un-subtle as to give them the same names as the originals, you might have trouble on your hands! Short of this unlikely scenario, you’re probably safe. But we’re not talking here about going into business with other people’s recipes, are we? (If you’re contemplating anything along that line, then you really must consult an attorney.)

Cooking for friends can be fun. It can be more fun if you serve them dishes that are exactly like ones from their favorite restaurant. If that’s your intention, and you’re doing it in a private setting, you can set your mind at ease about the law. The only question then becomes, what dish do I want to clone, and where can I get a genuine recipe?

How to Get Cafe Cash in Cafe World Legally?

Are you playing Cafe World and you need some cash but you do not want to spend your hard earned cash to get it?

As in any Zynga game you need money to get what you want. And Cafe World is not an exception. Instead of buying credit we will discuss some good legal ways to get Cafe World Cash easily and quickly.

Take quizzes and surveys: There is no easier way than that. Did you see that? There is a button on your screen that reads” Get More Cafe World Cash” If you clicked it then you will go directly to take surveys or quizzes online. Beware that these surveys might not be available everywhere. There are surveys that target some geographical areas and you might not be able to take surveys due to your geographical location.

Taking surveys and quizzes might seem like an easy way to get cash. Sometimes working your pants off in your Cafe is easier because some surveys take long time and they might be boring. They sometimes require you to download adwares or malwares on your PC so you have to pick your surveys and quizzes wisely.

Level up as fast as possible: You know that you get cash every time you level up. So if you want to get heaps of cash you need to focus on leveling up very quickly and do all the necessary tasks to achieve that goal.

Leveling up is easy if you know what kind of food you need to gain the maximum experience points in the shortest time. It is not necessarily true that the more expensive food you prepare is the one that will give you more experience points. So you have to check out by yourself.

The second thing you have to take care of if you want to get more experience points to level up faster is to manage your time to make dishes and food. You know the time you spend on the game everyday. So you have to put a schedule for the food you will prepare. If you prepare food that requires short time period then you can manage your schedule to prepare as much as possible to get more experience point, level up very fast and legally get heaps of Cafe World cash.

There are many secrets you have to discover if you want to play and master Cafe World. The game is addictive and you are bound to know more about it if you play it with passion and if you have an eye that takes care of details.

How You Can Legally Have Satellite Tv For Free

Satellite Television is such an awesome thing to have. For those of you that dont know what satellite tv is, it is a communication between satellites around the world that pick up every single station you can think of and it is delivered straght to your tv. While satellite tv can be pretty costly with all of the monthly charges, it is definitely a whole new experience for the televison viewers.

Now, wouldnt it be great to get television for free? While this may be a dream come true to many satellite fans, it can really be reality for them now. With much money spent down the drain with monthly payments to the satellite tv company, you may want to reconsider your options if you are interested in getting it.

I am not talking about setting up a satellite dish in your yard that takes up so much space either. I mean you could initially you could do it that way to get free cable but who really wants to go through setting up something so big in your backyard or on your house like that.

So how can you get Satellite Television for Free?

Well, there is new software out now that you can download onto your computer that transmits through the internet and picks up thousands of channels for free. This way of getting satellite tv is very cheap and legal. Plus you dont get a cheap version of telvision either, Im talking about you get over 3000 channels of all your favorite tv shows.

With some of the software features you can also get free acess to many new realeased movies. All of the software is compatible with all types of processors and will not cause a virus or spyware/adware.The best thing about this type of new software that you can get for satellite is that you can watch anything you want at your own convenience.

Lets say you are at work and you are dying to see the NFL game on Sunday, well dont worry because you would be able to look it up in the system and play it when you get home. Everything is on your schedule.

If you like the idea of this new type of satellite tv software for your computer, I strongly recommend you check out Satellite TV for PC. They have been a reliable company for over 7 years now with many satisfied customers.

Prepaid Legal Services and Its Unique Business Opportunities

When it comes to a reputed and innovative legal company that gives you the combination of legal aid and business opportunities the name of prepaid legal services comes to mind, Prepaid Legal Services is a company that is very similar to that of an insurance company. The only difference in their case is that this company has a unique network of legal service providers that are accessible to people with ease. This company also gives you the opportunity to earn a regular source of income.

In any kind of legal service people generally pay monthly fees that are under 30 dollars in exchange for discounts and access to attorneys. In the case of Prepaid Legal Services, the company covers all types of legal events like the drafting of legal documents that cover letters, wills, conveyancing, thefts and many more issues. The benefit of this company is that if you require the services of a legal nature you can get the legal assistance that you are looking for. When you need to deal with legal issues that relate to simple matters this company can help you save lots of money. The moment you need a legal review you do not have to dish out high sums of money to the attorney who will just give you his time. There are many lawyers who will charge you a large amount for simple matters and the objective of Prepaid Legal Services is to avoid that.

There are many people who are resorting to the services of Prepaid Legal Services and they are very happy with the thought that they do not have to spend large amounts of money on an attorney who will just invest his time on your case. In addition to this, Prepaid Legal Services are providing many people with a unique business opportunity where people can sell and recruit others to sell prepaid legal memberships. The business opportunity that is follows is the MLM business structure that gives people the opportunity to earn solid income. The demand for the product is very good and for this reason there are a lot of people who are generating a regular source of income from this business venture with success.

With any prepaid legal service it is important to find out exactly what scenarios are covered in the plan that you have undertaken. For example, the majority of plans do not cover tort litigation, criminal cases, and are of little help in traffic cases. In spite of this Prepaid Legal Services are highly recommended especially when you are looking for legal advice on simple and general matters. These matters do not require specialized advice and in such cases it is not wise for you to go in for them at all.

This company is very useful to those who are seeking to earn a regular income every month without resorting to any hassles. This company is highly recommended for the purpose and it is successfully helping many with their money making venture effectively!